Our goal is to supply appropriate employees at a defined time and in a specific situation when they are most required.

For instance, for tasks related to a particular project or for seasonal works.

Our priority is to provide our Clients with best contractors. That is why we base our operations on thorough study and analysis of every single Client’s needs.

All candidates are selected in accordance with particular requirements of an Employer.

We are perfectly able of provide, among other things, employees of people running their own business activity.

  • Fitters and engineering mechanics,
  • Electricians and installation electricians,
  • Welders,
  • Sandblasters and painters,
  • Pipe fitters / assemblers.

Benefits for our clients:

  • flexible employee selection;
  • leasing employees only when it is necessary;
  • time savings resulting from the lack of recruitment process;
  • possibility of using our database including specialists in a particular profession;
  • money savings resulting from transferring all recruitment costs onto us;
  • transferring all risk of employment onto our company.

Cooperation stages:

Stage I
identifying and discussing any project related issues with the Client (the type of work, dates, requirements and others) in order to create a schedule of the particular project,

Stage II
recruiting employees for the particular project according to the Client’s preferences,

Stage III
preparing all indispensable documentation, arranging accommodation, transport, tax registration.

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